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Once you have been to Bali, Lombok or Sumba and enjoyed your holiday on one of these  tropical Indonesian islands, you probably get infected with the so called 'Indonesian Island Virus" and you want to come back to Bali, Lombok or Sumba as soon as possible. After several times visiting these islands with their friendly people, you start thinking...."how about I buy here a property, so I have a more permanent place to stay and perhaps renting it out to become a income".


You start searching on the internet and quickly you will find out there are a huge amount of villas and houses for sale and probably the same amount of agents and websites who try to sell on behalf of the owners the properties. The agent's fee is quiet substantial here in Bali, Lombok or Sumba compared to other countries. Normally an agent here charges 5% fee.


This fee is an substantial part of the asking price of a seller, paid of course by the buyer and that's you. How about if you can contact an owner of a property for sale in Bali directly.


This website is specially made for Bali, Lombok or Sumba property owners that wants to sell their villa, house or land and do not want to use an agent to save a substantial fee and so make the selling price more competitive compared to other properties for sale in Bali, Lombok or Sumba.

All properties shown are our website are on offer for sale offered by the owners themselves, if you filled out a contact form you have direct contact with the owner of that particular property.