Welcome to our Bali Direct Contact Owner website.

The founders of the website Bali Direct Contact with Owners do have a long time history in Bali real estate, a combined experience from over 20 years. During these years we have established some well running websites which are generating a lot of inquiries for the properties we are offering. Although now we have noticed that the property market in Bali has come to a standstill. To offer a chance to sell their properties we offer hereby a way to promote sellers their property without using an agent and so be more competitive in the selling price towards properties on offer for sale represented by an agent with a substantial percentage of fee.


We are based in the Southern part of Bali. For us it is not always convenient to show real estate in other corners of the island or even on other islands. So for owners/sellers in the far corners of Bali a chance to promote their property for sale.


As we still want to assist property owners in far corners of the island or in Lombok or Sumba, we have created this Bali Direct Contact Owner website. In this way we can help you promoting your real estate. 


We pay a lot of attention to the listing, mentioning and showing as much as possible details. As we know with our experience what potential clients are asking, we already mention these most important details in the listing itself.


Our team of SEO professionals are daily busy to push up this website highly into the rankings of the search machines like Google, Bing and others so this will benefit you when you promote your property for sale on our website.


Are you interested in this Direct Contact Owner / For Sale By Owner concept, simply contact us by making use of the contact form below.


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