Kaliantan Beach / South Lombok

Beachfront land for sale in Kaliantan

Land for sale in South West Lombok in Kaliantan. For sale by owner

Price: 25.000.000 IDR / Are

Total Price: 4.500.000.000 IDR

1.8 hectare block with direct beach frontage and south facing.  Area known for kite surfing and annual nyale festival.

South Lombok land for sale by owner. Land for sale in Kaliantan Beach Lombok

About Kaliantan Beach


Silence, this will welcome you when you arrive at the Kaliantan Beach area. Not many people visit this beach. The tranquil atmosphere and natural beauty that is still natural and clean, presents you a beach area that also soothes the soul.


In the Sasak culture there is a traditional ceremony that is quite famous for its uniqueness, namely Bau Nyale. Usually the Bau Nyale ceremony is held once a year in February. Several beaches on the island of Lombok hold this ceremony. 

But the center of the ceremony is Kuta Beach Lombok and Kaliantan Beach. During the ceremony, both beaches were visited by visitors, both domestic and foreign.


After the ceremony period ends, the two beaches return to normal as before. Kuta Beach, Lombok, is still crowded with domestic and foreign tourists. While Kaliantan Beach will return to silence in its calm. The silence of Kaliantan Beach is the main attraction for those seeking solitude, such as Belongas Beach.

South Lombok land for sale by owner. Land for sale in Pantai Kaliantan

Kaliantan Beach is located in the southern part of East Lombok Regency. Around 72 kilometers from the city of Mataram. But it is located not too far from Ekas Bay. To reach Kaliantan Beach, you must use a private vehicle. Because you will not see public transportation going to this beach.


Kaliantan Beach has a fairly long coastline, around 2 kilometers. The surface of the waters is very calm, with the waves quite far from the shoreline. The topography on this beach is somewhat unique. Namely a combination of coves and several hills. Kaliantan Beach is also having white sand, but rather rough like granulated sugar. But what is special about this beach is its white sand beach which is clean and free of rubbish. 

So you can enjoy the beach with satisfaction without being disturbed by the garbage.


Because of the beauty of the underwater scenery at Kaliantan Beach, Lombok, it is also not less than other Lombok beach tourism. By dusk, the atmosphere will change drastically. Very exotic sunset views will make you reluctant to leave this beach.


A few years ago, the local government had actually promoted this beach as a tourist visit. Even the majority of tour agents also recommend Kaliantan Beach as a tourist destination. 

Total price: 4.500.000.000 IDR




Ownership Freehold
Land size 180 are (18.000 m2)
View Ocean
Access road Public
Electricity Available
IMB Present

Distance to (approx) :

Shops                  1 Kilometer
Restaurants 1 Kilometer
Beach 0 Kilometer
Airport 72 Kilometer

Google Earth Location:

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