Rent out your villa without paying fee to an agent or online booking platform.

You probably will be quite surprised to read this and get this opportunity to rent out your villa, long or short term, without any obligations to pay a 10% up to 20% fee to an agent or any kind of booking platform like, Airbnb to mention a few.


This concept is perfect for those who are used to manage all that comes with renting out your villa, short term like holiday rental or long term.


Yes, of course it is not totally for free but our advertisement fee is on no way to compare with the 10 to 20% you are obligated to pay to above mentioned parties.


You only pay us a onetime 1,500,000 IDR to be placed on our website.


All enquiries for your villa go directly to your email address which you give us.


Only thing what you have to do is fill out a form which takes you no more than 5 minutes and send us representable pictures of your villa. We take care of the rest. Send your pictures to or use to send large files.


In case you decide to use our concept, please click here below to fill out the form which is suitable for your villa.