Sell Your Property and be your own agent and save yourself the 5% agent's fee to be more competitive with your price.

You probably will be quite surprised to read this and get this opportunity to sell your property without an agent which charges you a common 5% fee, which you finally will calculate into your sales price. This concept is perfect for those owners that live permanent in Bali, Lombok or Sumba, or have a good contact person/staff, and know their way around about buying and selling a property… already have been through this process haven’t you…??


The way to sell a property  is normally contacting an agent with a good running website. He comes to you, collecting the details about your property, take some pictures and he puts your property on his website and starts waiting until he gets an inquiry……it is a bit like fishing for the agent, your property is the bait and the agent just waits patiently until there comes a fish along that sniffs on the bait. Actually….that is the common strategy of an agent in Bali.


When an inquiry ends up into a visit, the agent brings the potential clients to show the property and hopefully when the potential buyers are serious they do an offer and the agent is just passing through offers and counter offers until there is a deal. But what is so difficult about that….??


Then a notary comes in play, usually an agent’s friendly notary but this notary also have to follow the rules and this part can you as a seller and the buyer easily work out together.

How does it work:

By not paying or saving the common 5% agent's fee you will have to do the work of the agent, simple as it is. But what is so difficult to show a property to potential buyers if they already have contacted you by e-mail and made an appointment to visit your property on offer for sale.

What you have to do to list your property on our websites:


You have to contact us so we can send you a link you have to fill out with details about your property you want to sell. This will take you five minutes. Together with these details you have to send us pictures of your property on offer for sale. You can send us as much pictures as you want (we prefer large size pictures) of your property. Also important is that you make a promotional text about your property which we can place on your desired page on our website.


In case you have a property on a location which is not mentioned on our website yet? Simply let us know and we can always create a new link to the area with the location of your property.


After placing your property on our website, you and only you are in control, you can even check this from time to time by just go to your page and send yourself an email, so you can verify that only you receive the emails send from your page on our website.

How much does it costs to advertise on the website:

Yes, there are costs, but this is nothing compared to the 5 % agent's fee. The costs to place your property on our website is 3.000.000 Rupiah for one year appearance on our website.


Tips to promote your property:

Our SEO team is daily busy to get our website as high as possible ranked in the search engines like Google search and Bing. Besides our efforts, we also will mention your property in our regular newsletters which comes out at a weekly frequency. 


However you can promote your property yourself too. Use the link of the page of your listing and promote this on social media. Copy the link of your property and paste this in your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or other social media platforms. This is a simple way to draw attention to your own property and hopefully this results in various requests.


It might happen that you get in contact with somebody that shows interests and could be a serious potential buyer. For example you meet somebody in a restaurant, business meeting or other. Mostly it starts with giving your business card and you propose to this potential buyer that you send him/her more information and pictures. It would be so more professional if you just send the link of your listing page to the potential buyer, so he or she can take a look at the pictures and details. Listed on another Property Agent's website, this is something you cannot do, because of the risk that this potential buyer will contact the agent.

By giving the link of your page on our website, you terminate the above mentioned risk that an agent comes in between and you are still obligated to pay the 5% agent’s fee. Remember on your listing page on our websites, you are in control.

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We advise you to send your pictures by making use of the website of Wetransfer. This is for free and you can send up to 2GB without any registration. Please click on the button below to go to the website.

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