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Slight Architect

Slight Architect Jakarta

SLIGHT is an architecture design studio based in  Indonesia, found by Michael M.T. Tambunan, ST., IAI.  in 2019. 


SLIGHT stands for Salt and Light.

Salt is known by its unique ability to give taste to food and enhance its flavour. Without salt food is tasteless. While the quality of Light is to shine the way and to make everything can be seen clearly. 


Without light the world is remained in darkness.

Slight Architect Jakarta

SLIGHT (Salt & Light) is our core value in doing our practice to become blessing for people and community around us.


We believe that an appropriate design – a healthy and sustainable living environment, positive designed space, etc - can change people's life positively.


Our vision & missions


To open ourselves as wide as possible for collaborations from any disciplines and to absorb as much as possible 

thinking and ideas to formulate it into an appropriate and effective design that can give positive impact to people's life and community.

Slight Architect

To put attention in design personalization based on human needs to provide a correct problem solution  through architecture design.


What we offer


We offer a comprehensive design service of Architecture with complete MEP, Structure design from conceptual 

stage, design development, to DED (Detail Engineering Design) drawing as a guidance for construction stage.


Our work is ranging from private residential building to commercial, offices, churches, school and also Site Planning.


We help people to design what they need through architecture.

Slight Architect

Contact details

Tokopedia Care Tower, LT.17 Unit 2

Jl. Lilngkar Luar Barat No.101 Rawa Buaya, Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat 11740 

p : 021 27899181 |

m : +62852-5628-0208